Expeditions and International Filming Assignments

Prizes and Awards (selected)

  • 14 short films rated "very valuable" (besonders wertvoll) by Film Bewertungstelle Wiesbaden

  • Over 30 nominations, first second and third place awards from a variety of national and international competitions (listed below)...


    Dieter Kaiser (Executive Producer, WDR German Television)
    "Like all the major documentary film makers, Karlheinz loves his work. What makes him special, what sets him apart, is his eye. Karleinz can see the extraordinary in an ordinary situation. One of his first films - Hidden Hunters encapsulates Karlheinz perfectly – he hunts with his camera to capture the world around us that we never get to see. There are very few people whose work has the ability to reach the everyman and the academic with equal merit, weight and sympathy."

    Volker Arzt (Science journalist, author and television presenter)
    "Karlheinz has an uncanny ability to inhabit his subject material completely. His films are so successful because he can enter fully and profoundly into the worlds he is exploring. This is a wonderful talent for a documnetary maker to have and we all benefit as a result."







  • "I want to open people's eyes to the "little things"